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©2019 by Rodney Goodall.

The central question of my work is,
“How can we make our world better?”

I have broken down this question into sections: 

  • Looking after ourselves better so we can look after others better.

  • Caring for our environment for future generations.

  • Understanding how other people think, and that how others think it is not the same way that you think.


The concepts I talk about are not entirely my own. They are a gathering of ideas and thoughts from other people that are processed through my mind.

My mind is not special either, other than being autistic.

My articles are researched and processed through an autistic perspective. 


The basic idea is to leave the world a better place than I left it. A goal that will sadly be failed for many generations to come, but a goal every generation must strive for. This is my small part in that process.


What I write about it not the only way to look at life, but it is how I look at it. You may agree with me. Or not. I aim to helps others discover something new while also learning more as well.


Hopefully, you will follow me for the ride.


About Me

Some facts about me….

I have lived in three countries.

  • New Zealand

  • Samoa

  • Australia, where I currently live.


I also ride bikes and own, according to my wife, too many of them. I don’t, by the way.


There is a plan to do a bike tour of considerable distance in the coming few years.


I have four children. Two in New Zealand and two with my wife and me.


I always have itchy feet. To that end, I have visited twenty-three countries.


I want to save the world, and I need some help doing it.


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